Paul received his undergraduate degree in Pastoral Ministries from Clearwater Christian College (’05) and completed his M’Div at the Expositors Seminary.  Paul served on staff at Grace Bible Church of Brandonfrom 2005 to 2011 as the Youth Pastor and then the Associate Pastor. After completing seminary Paul went on to receive further training in church planting at the Grace Advance Academy in California.  It was through Grace Advance that Paul was brought to Grace Community Church.

The blog has been a place for Paul to share his thoughts, work on his writing, and share the word of God for some time now.  Over the years the blog has become a collection of expository thoughts from various passages.  On the blog Paul has posted notes from Galatians, James, Jude, and now Paul is working his way through the book of Mark. Usually the posts on particular bible passages are simply sermon notes reformatted to fit the blog.

In addition to these expository notes Paul will occasionaly post other material (i.e. sports, Firday quotes, politics, etc.).  In this category of “other material” there are two criteria that Paul uses to decide what makes the blog and what gets left off.  The first criteria is, does it interest him?  The second criteria is, will it benefit my readers?  Usually Paul only posts something that he thinks will fit both criteria (but sometimes the first criteria is the only one that really matters).

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