If God is speaking to you, don’t listen…

God has spoken. God has revealed His truth in the Scripture definitively, clearly, inerrantly, infallibly, and sufficiently. There is a subtle and subversive danger in listening for another word, impression, or impulse. For one, the Bible doesn’t command us to look for more. Seriously, think about. Where in the Bible are we commanded to follow the private leading of God?  But there is an even bigger danger. You are probably listening to yourself not God. Daniel Doriani explains,

Uncontrolled meditation has few safeguards. Those who mediate hear many voices, not all of them divine. Recent readings and events weigh heavily. Worse, our hearts deceive us. Sinful desires and petty grudges contaminate our meditations. We are too blind to our ego, too ignorant of others’ needs, too prone to legalism, too dedicated to our own agendas to justify trusting our subjective impulses. The prowling mind can find evidence in almost every passage that what it wants, God ordains.

(Daniel Doriani, The Nature of Application, 28)

So how do we control our meditation and avoid this danger? By meditating on the object word of God found in the Bible. If God is speaking to you apart from the Bible then stop listening, because it is probably your own desires formulating the message. Don’t listen. In fact, stop looking private messages all together and join the Psalmist in saying, “Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” (Ps 119:7)