Determining your Spiritual Gift

I would like to propose three simple steps to determine your spiritual gift:

  1. Providential Opportunities to Serve: Begin serving wherever there is a need in the church & treat every opportunity as a providential opportunity.  The first questions you need to ask are, “What needs are in the church?” “Which people need ministry?” “What tasks can I do now?” “How can I make our church more effective at discipleship?”
  2. Personal Desire & Ability to Serve: As your serve, see where God has given you a desire and “energy” to serve. At this point you need to ask yourself “Where am I thriving in ministry?” “What aspect of my ministry am I most passionate about?” “What area of my ministry is the most difficult and draining?” “Where do I provide the most help?” Where do I need the most help?”
  3. Positive Affirmation to Serve: After you serve, seek affirmation from the church to avoid self-deception. This may be the most important step. This is where every one of the “spiritual gifts” test goes wrong; they all assume that you know yourself well enough to evaluate where you are effective. The “Fall” assures us that we do not know ourselves well enough for this. We need the affirmation of the church just as much as Paul needed it from the church at Antioch before he went the mission field. At this point you need to be asking your ministry leaders, elders, and pastors “Where do you think I am gifted?” “Where do I need to grow?” “How can I be more useful in my service to the church?”

This process is more difficult than an online spiritual gift test. To do this you will have to be at church, every week. More than that, you will have to faithfully serve the church.  That’s the real secret to this method of determining your spiritual gift. It is not a method at all, it is a call to service. You can trust that when you are faithfully serving the church your gift will blossom and become clear. If your gift is not clear at this point, it may be because you have not been serving enough for it to be noticeable.