What does “Christ-centered” preaching mean?

What does “Christ-centered” preaching mean? Well, unfortunately it has become more of a slogan than a carefully defined methodology. There are some who have thought through it carefully, but there is no unified vision for what this looks like. I’d like to suggest a working definition of what Christ-centered preaching should look like practically: 

Preachers must proclaim the “whole counsel of God” in such a way that Christ is never detached from the implications of a passage nor inserted artificially into the authorial intent of a passage.

I’m nobody and I don’t think for a minute that I am in a position to define anything. However, I believe that if more preachers would devote themselves to this methodology (whatever slogan you want to attach to it), they would be more be more useful for the salvation of the lost and the sanctification of believers. At the very least it would be helpful if someone could clarify what we all mean when we talk about “Christ-centered” preaching, because in my experience almost everyone has a different idea of what that should look like in practice.