A Battle for Glory: Ezekiel



The battle for Glory between God and sinful men is ultimately won by God. (cf. Ez 36:22-23)


I. WRATH toward Rebellious Glory Seekers (1-32)

a. The Messenger of Wrath: Ezekiel (1-3)

b. The Recipient of Wrath: Judah (4-24)

c. The Recipient of Wrath: The Nations (25-32)

II. RESTORATION to Display God’s Glory (33-48)

a. Restoration of Israel (33-39)

b. Restoration of the Temple (40-48)

Key Chapters:

  • 1 Vision of 4 Beings, 4 Wheels and Divine Glory
  • 8-11 God’s glory departs
  • 14 Idols of the Heart
  • 36-37 The mountains of Israel to be blessed, renewal of Israel, valley of dry bones, reunion of Israel and Judah, Dived to be their king
  • 38-39 Prophecy against Gog and Magog
  • 40-48 The Temple, God’s glory, worship, land restored

Key Verses: 

  • 36:24-27 Renewal of Israel from the inside.
  • 6:7 “and you shall know that I am the LORD.” (phrase occurs over 60 times)

Key People:


  • Son of Buzi
  • a priest called to be a prophet
  • ministered during the 70-year Babylonian captivity.
  • contemporary of Jeremiah and Daniel (14:14, 20; 28:3)
  • Began ministry at 30 and completed ministry at 50 (cf. Numbers 4)