Opposition in Ministry

Charles Bridges provides an interesting perspective on why people oppose our ministries

Whoever pricks the conscience of his hearers too closely, without producing repentance, will soon find them either absentees from his ministry, or unwilling listeners, if not open opponents.  Thus our whole course is a struggle against the mighty current of sin–flowing out of that restless bias of the natural heart, which upon the highest authority is declared to be “enmity against God.”


Enmity is the concentrated essence of man’s depravity.  It is at once the cause and effect of that moral or spiritual darkness, which shuts out the entrance of light, and offers difficulties to the process of “enlightening the eyes of the understanding,” unconquerable by any force short of heavenly influence.  The power that “slays enmity,” opens the heart to the perception, obedience, and love of the truth, and to a full possession of the inestimable blessings of our office.

The Christian Ministry, 83-84