Squeezing Family Worship into the Schedule

One of the great things about Family Worship is that there is no set schedule. You can do it at the dinner table, the breakfast table, at bedtime, or any time that your family is consistently gathered together.  The priority is consistency not the specific timing.  At times this can be a challenge for families in a world where life is ever increasing in speed and complexity.  However, there are two things to remember when it comes to your families schedule.  First, the same God that has called you to lead your family toward him is the God who has given you 24 hours a day to do it.  He wouldn’t hold you responsible for something that was impossible.  Second, we make time for our priorities. If we can find time for little league, dance, band, and all kinds of other activities (not to mention all the activities adults love doing) then we should also be able to make time to tangibly lead our families toward God.  If Family Worship is new for your family you should expect for the scheduling to be the biggest adjustment. Don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t automatically become everyone’s habit.  Give yourself and the family a lot of grace as you develop the longterm habit.