Family Worship for One

Family Worship is usually thought of as something done by families with children. However, as we know from experience and scripture God has providentially made families of all shapes and sizes.  If you are a family of one God still wants your household to be centered around him, and if you feel that the Lord is calling you to a larger family one day then this is a great way to prepare for that calling.  Some families consist of more than one, but there is only one Christian.  The bible tells us how we are to think of this family make up.  It is to be seen as a unique opportunity for one member of the family to lovingly influence the rest of the household toward the things of the Lord.  In these cases the specific practices and details of family worship will be probably be limited.  But the goal in the opportunities provided by the Lord is the same: to lead our families in the pursuit of God through regular spiritual disciplines.  The Lord’s desire for families of all shapes and sizes is that they would be “pressing into the kingdom” through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.