Catechisms & Family Worship

The bible is filled with rich, profound, and life changing truths.  One of the challenges in a family is to make sure that these life changing truths are conveyed to the next generation.  From the times of OT Israel to the modern church multigenerational faithfulness to the LORD has been the exception more than it has been the rule.  This makes the charge to train up the next generation all the more pressing.

From the earliest times in church history, and especially after the reformation, the church has utilized catechisms to train up all generations in the “things of the Lord.”  Catechisms are foundational theology contained in bit-sized form.  Each question is designed to address a specific area of biblical teaching, and each answer provides an applicable theological answer.

The catechism that our church is using this year for family worship (HERE) is the New City Catechism, which was recently written and released.  The historic catechisms remain valuable to the church today, but choosing a newer catechism with updated language & questions provides a unique advantage for family worship.  There is no language barrier to overcome with small children and the questions will make more sense to modern day readers.  That being said, the answers continue to reflect the theology of historic orthodoxy and the teaching of the Bible.

You can use the catechism in your family worship by memorizing it together & talking about what it means together.  Test one another and make it fun!  It is a great way to teach your children theology without having to put together a lesson plan or pull out a text book.  It is also a great way to equip and challenge yourself theologically.  The abbreviated portion of each question is provided for younger children who would have a hard time with the full answer.  This is a great place to start with your family.

For further aids with this catechism you can visit where you will find scripture verses to support the answers as well as videos from pastors on each answer. You can also download the Ipad app in the App Store.