My Favorite Books from 2012

Here’s the short list of my favorite reads from 2012.  These aren’t necessarily books that came out in 2012, but I did leave off a couple of books that I’ve read in the past and re-read this year (i.e. Trusting God, Preaching and Preachers, etc.)

1. Salvation Accomplished by the Son by Robert A. Peterson

I have no doubt that this will become a standard text for years to come on the work of Christ in salvation.  Peterson makes an important contribution to an important subject, and it was the most enjoyable and profitable read for me this year.  Of special not is Peterson’s biblical emphasis on the resurrection and it’s place in the work of salvation.

2. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (vol. 1-2) by Iain Hamish Murray

This two volume biography may have been the most fun I’ve ever had reading a biography.  MLJ was not only a man of great gifts, but he is a wonderful role model for a new pastor such as myself.  Make sure you pic it up if you, if I’m not mistaken Banner of Truth is no longer printing vol. 1.

3. Reformed Dogmatics abridged in 1 vol. by Herman Bavinck

If you’re not ready to dive into the 3 volume 3,000 pgs of Bavinck this is a great place to start.  Edited by John Bolt, the primary elements & emphases of Bavinck are remarkably left in tact.  This is a great way to dive deep into systematic theology.

4. The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adam by Heath Lambert

This is the best book on Biblical counseling I’ve read.  If you are not familiar with the movement this book will help you understand, and benefit from the field of biblical counseling.  The last chapter of this book is the single best explanation of idolatry and dealing with heart issues that you’ll find.

5.  Invitation to Interpretation by Andreas J. Kostenberger & Richard D. Patterson

This is a detailed and at times tedious book, but hermeneutics is a detailed and sometimes tedious topic.  There are elements of the book that I didn’t agree with, but even those elements were presented in a helpful way.  This is a book you’ll find in seminary hermeneutics classes in the near future (which probably just derailed most people’s plans to purchase it).