“Speech Therapy for the Inarticulate”

David Powlison on Psalm 119:

We tend to be busy, noisy, distractible people. We live in a busy, noisy, distracting world. In the midst of that, this psalm teaches us to say, “I need time to listen and think if I’m ever to hold up my end of the conversation with God.” In a culture of instant access and instant information, this psalm rewards the slow. If you speed-read, all you get is, “Psalm 119 is about the Bible.” But if you take it slow and live it out, you find yourself saying things like this: “You are good and do good.” Or this: “I am Yours.” Learning to say that out loud and mean it will change your life forever. Psalm 119 is not information about the Bible; it’s speech therapy for the inarticulate.

Powlison, ‘Suffering and Psalm 119: “I would have perished in my affliction if Your words had not been my delight.”’, JBC, Fall 2004, p. 6.