Affirmations about the Bible

The bible is God’s special revelation to His people.  This statement is more powerful than it might seem.  Think about the implications that this has on the way we view the bible!  Jesus said that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks (Mt 12:34).  The bible where God speaks, and thus in the bible we have the heart of God.  Several important implications must be noted:

  • Because they are God’s words, the bible is without error. (i.e. inerrant)  There are no errors in bible.  The heart of God could not be mistake or deceitful.  On everything that the bible speaks to it does so accurately.
  • Because they are God’s words, the bible is reliable. (i.e. infallible) The bible is a trustworthy guide.  God would not reveal the worn path to his people.  No matter how “unpragmatic” the bible might seem in our situation, as God’s people we must trust that the bible is the only eternally pragmatic guide.
  • Because they are God’s words, the bible is sufficient. (We don’t need more special revelation) We do not need anything else as God’s people for life & godliness than the bible.  This includes additional revelation, philosophical wisdom, or experiential helps.  God gave us what we need.
  • Because it is God’s revelation, the bible is understandable. (perspicuity) The bible is God’s revelation.  He did not provide it to conceal the truth from his people.  He gave it to reveal the truth to his people.  This means that when studied with the help of the Holy Spirit all of God’s people can identity the plain meaning of scripture.