Deuteronomy: Moses’s Swan Song


Theme:  God speaks through Moses one last time to reveal Himself & explain His law in preparation for entering the land.

Author:  Moses (note issue of the record of Moses’ death)


Farewell Sermons from Moses         Sermon Themes                                chpts
Moses’s First Sermons What God has Done 1-4
Moses’s Second Sermons What God Expects 5-26
Moses’s Final Sermons What God will Do 27-34


Key Chapters:

5 Decalogue (Ten Commandments) reiterated

6 The Shema – ‘Hear, O Israel’

28 Blessings & Curses

32 Song of Moses

34 Death of Moses


Key Verses:

4:2 Don’t add or subtract from the Word of God

6:4 “Hear O Israel…”

29:29 “secret things belong to the Lord”

31:6 “He will not leave of forsake you”

32:39 God governs life and death [GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY]


Key Themes:

The message & theology of Deuteronomy are tailored to prepare the people to be successful in entering and maintaing the land promised in the covenant.

  • Theology Proper (the character & attributes of God)
  • Moral Law for Covenant People (compare w/ ceremonial emphasis of Lev.)
  • Blessings for Obedience & Curses for Disobedience

Date:  January-February of 1405 (Immediately before entering the land) (1:3)