An Overview of Leviticus

Sometimes it is tough for us to make it through certain OT books in our bible reading. This has nothing to do with the literary quality of a book of the bible.  The problem is that we don’t know the significance or context of what we are reading.  This is especially the case in a book like Leviticus.  When you understand what is going on in the book of  Leviticus is becomes one of the most interesting & crucial books of the bible for New Covenant believers.

Here is some info that might help you as you read through Leviticus.


In the book of Exodus God redeemed for Himself a people & dwelt with them through the tabernacle.  The book of Leviticus follows this up by revealing what was required of the people to be in God’s presence.  What is abundantly clear in Leviticus is that man must come to God on his terms.  As Nadab & Abihu learned, there are severe consequences for attempting to come into God’s presence on our own terms.

Main Point:

God Requires Holiness in His Presence


1. Positional Holiness is Required (1-17) – The sacrificial system was required for the people to have fellowship with God (cf. Heb 9:11-12)

2. Practical Holiness is Required (17-27) – Holiness in everyday living, i.e. sanctification, was necessary for the people to have fellowship with God (cf. 1 Pt 1:15)