What is the Word of Christ?

Romans 10:15 makes it clear that God has sovereignly chosen to use the proclamation of the word of Christ to bring sinners to salvation.  This word of Christ is of course referring to the message of the Gospel.  There are many ways that we can organize the truths of the Gospel, but few are more helpful than J.I. Packer’s in Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God.  Here’s an adaptation of his paradigm that would be very helpful for you as you do the work of evangelism:

The Message of the Gospel is About:

  1. God -The Character of our God & our subordination to Him (Acts 17:24-27)
  2. Sin – Not self- fulfillment or felt needs, etc. But sin against God & punishment from Him (Rom 3:23)
  3. Christ – His Person (deity) & His Work (Cross & Resurrection) (Rom 10:9-10)
  4. Faith & Repentance – Not a prayer or an aisle, but following Christ. (Mk 1:14-15)

(adapted from Evangelism & Sovereignty of God, 58-73)