It All Started in the Beginning

This morning the men of GCC met (as we always do on Tuesday mornings). This week we began a study of each book of the bible.  Today, of course, it was Genesis. As we looked at this book of beginnings I was again struck by the fact that everything starts in Genesis.  The groundwork for all of history & theology is found in Genesis.

  • The Foundations for History

    • The Foundation of the world(chpts 1-2)
    • The Foundation of mankind (chpts 2-3)
    • The Foundation of the Nations (chpts 6-11) 
    • The Foundation of Israel (chpt 12-50) 

*All of these were especially important for the people as they prepared to go into the promise land.

  • The Foundations for Theology

    • The Foundation for Theology Proper (doctrine of God)
      • Genesis presents God as the one True God who is sovereign over Creation, Mankind, & Salvation.  He initiates a relationship with mankind & even initiates the reconciliation process.
    • The Foundation for Anthropology (doctrine of man)
      • Genesis teaches that man is a creature that is completely dependent upon God & a creature that is physical as well as spiritual.  Which means, that human problems are not just physical problems & in order to properly deal with human problems God’s help is required.
    • The Foundation for Hamartiology (doctrine of sin)
      • In Genesis we find the first sin & see the ongoing results of sin (cf. Rom 5).
    • The Foundation for Soteriology (doctrine of salvation)
      • In Genesis we see the need for salvation (sin), God’s promise of provision (3:15), & that God’s provision for salvation is experience through justification by faith (15:6).
    • The Foundation for Christology (doctrine of Christ)
      • In Genesis Christ is already promised (Gen 3:15, 49:10, etc) & prefigured (type of Melchizedek, Angel of the Lord, etc.)
    • The Foundation for Eschatology (doctrine of last things)
      • In Genesis we see the goal of Eschatology.  Genesis reminds us of the “paradise lost” that will one day be restored by Christ.
    • The Foundation for Practical Theology (practice of doctrine)
      • In Genesis we learn what went wrong & what caused all the problems in this world.  We also receive practical help with issues like marriage (2:24), suffering (50:20), and encouragement (God’s graciousness to the OT saints).