My Favorite Sermon Introductions

As a young preacher I try to make it a habit to listen to a lot of preaching.  Not only for the content, but also to better hone my craft.  One of the things that I am always listening for in a sermon is the introduction because it can be the most awkward part of preaching. You can’t say “OK… ready… start the sermon now!”  Although, some weeks that is what it feels like.  A good & succinct introduction helps people turn their attention to the passage at hand.  Too long and people get impatient; too terse and people never get caught up.

In my efforts to craft better introductions I’ve kept notes on how some of the most influential preachers of our day introduce their sermons.  Maybe you can “benefit” from my observations.


Turn in your bibles to… where last week we saw.


As I was reading Edwards in Europe I was captured by a Vision of the Magnificent Glory the All-powerful Immutable Vastness of God.


EGO eram lectio a novus… sorry I only brought my Vulgate with me today.


This week in the NY Times…


Friends, we’d like to welcome you here today & also inform you that membership & baptism classes are available.


It is a breathtaking & terribly humbling honor to stand before you today as a broken vessel…


I don’t really know b/c I spend the first 5 minutes listening to his sweet accent


Just to set the tone for our sermon I want to reminder you that right now, while you sit in your cushioned chair, someone in a 3rd world country just died apart from the Gospel.


If you decided to leave right now for the beach I want you to know that it would not change your identity in Christ, as long as you take a @Crossway book with you. #Jesus+Nothing=Everything


Sociologist have observed that cities…


Turn in your bibles to the 10 Commandments… Ha, just kidding turn to Galatians


Turn in your bibles to Galatians… Ha, just kidding let’s start with the 10 Commandments


You know what makes me mad… that reminds me of when we launched Mars Hill, you know before the 37 campuses.


This morning we are going to see the 3 P’s that make up a biblical exposition: 1)Proclamation 2) Power; 3) Passion


We are Fallen & that Condition should cause us to Focus on our passage this morning (FCF).


I am optimistically cautious that the Spirit will speak to you today even as you sit in the pew.


First and foremost you need to understand that what we are about to read from Numbers 5 is really about the Gospel.