Why Did Jesus Have Glowing Bronze Feet?

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In Revelation 1:15a John describes Christ in this way:

“His feet were like burnished bronze, refined in the furnace”

What does this picture of Christ teach us? Well, the glowing metal represents the purity of Christ’s holiness (Dan 10:6; Ezek 1:27, 8:2) & the feet represent Christ’s authority and domination (you sit under the feet of a King).  So, the radiant feet represent Christ’s crushing enforcement of purity.  He is not only pure, as the glowing metal represents, but he also enforces this purity, as the feet represent.

So this image of Christ is a reminder that Christ is spiritually present with the Church and enforcing purity within the church.  This is a great reminder, but practically what does this look like?

Let’s start with determining exactly what is purity. To answer this lets look at a few passages to help us define purity.

  • Prov 22:11  speaks of purity of heart which reminds us that Purity Begins internally.
    • Titus 2:7 – purity requires that we think right about God, have right doctrine
    • 2 Cor 11:3– purity requires devotion to Christ not moral determination
  • Ps 24:4 makes it clear that Internal Purity is manifested externally.
    •  Ps 12:6 – purity equals conformity with the Word of Christ
    • Prov 15:26 – purity requires right words, b/c from the heart the mouth speaks.
    • James 1:27 – Purity is reflected in how we treat others

DEF: Purity is the absence of anything that would prevent a heartfelt devotion to God (internal) that leads to practical holiness (external).

If this is what purity is, then in what way does Jesus purify the church? Let me give you a few ways Christ purifies his church.

1. He purifies the church from the punishment of sin:

  • Heb 1:3
  •  By faith we can be positionally purified from the sin that prevents us from devotion to God.

2. He purifies the church from unrepentant sinners (sheep goats):

  • Mt 25:31-40
  • The Church is his bride, and only those who have been positionally purified will be a part of that.

3. He purifies the church from sin within the individual believer:

  • Even though we are positionally purified we have practically impurities
  • Heb 9:14Help our devotion to God so our works will be good

4. He purifies the church from idolatry (Jesus is an idol breaker):

  • 1 John 5:21
  •  Jesus will use his burnished bronze feet to crush anything that would hinder us from a heartfelt devotion to God that leads to practical holiness. In other words, he will crush our idols.  It’s not easy when Jesus has to step on you with his burnished bronze feet, but His grace is always there to help us back up and leave our idols in the dust.

As Believers, we can prevent the foot coming down on us by taking advantage of easier means of grace to pursue purity.  Here a few examples of this:

  • 1 Pt 1:22 – obedience to truth and intentional love promote purity
  • Phil 4:8 – invest your mental energies in those things that will promote purity
  • 1 Tim 5:22 – stay away from the sins of others… (and drink wine?????)
  • I John 3:3 – hope in Jesus’s work to glorify you
  • James 4:8 – Forgot purity rings and commitment cards, just know and pursue God.