Grace Advance, Discipleship, and Learning from the Best

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to participate in a Grace Advance Mid-Atlantic  event that included John MacArthur, Lance Quinn,  & Steve Lawson.  Both of these men gave of their time to serve the men attending the conference, and both of them were kind enough to spend time personally with me.  It was certainly a an honor to learn from the best, but isn’t that how God has designed it?  God has designed the church to grow through discipleship, which mean young guys like myself should be learning from experienced men like these pastors.  That’s God’s design.


Here is a brief recap of the conference from Grace Church:

It’s been just over three weeks since Pastor MacArthur, Steve Lawson, and Lance Quinn returned from visiting three of the recent Grace Advance Academy graduates and their new congregations. Over the course of a single week they toured three states and preached a total of 21 sermons. This traveling “Preachers and Preaching” conference was designed for one express purpose—to encourage the men in their respective ministries through the faithful proclamation of the gospel and demonstration of a fervent commitment to a biblically-informed philosophy of ministry.

Please take a moment and read what these three Academy graduates had to say about the conference.

It was a tremendous privilege for us at Christ Fellowship Bible Church to host the Preachers and Preaching conference. God richly blessed the time together as about 135 men from St. Louis and the surrounding region (five states were represented) gathered for this intense and encouraging time to hear from Dr. MacArthur on expository preaching and Dr. Lawson on the biographies of men from history who committed themselves to the faithful, fervent, and frequent proclamation of God’s inspired Word.
Geoff Kirkland
St. Louis, Missouri

It was such a great joy to host Preachers and Preaching in Columbia. We had a great turnout—more than 60 pastors attended—and the impact was enormous. The men came from all over the South, including North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. We even had one gentleman from Europe! The teaching from pastors John, Steve, and Lance was exceptional, and we are so thankful for their willingness to serve us in this way.
Jason Gillespie
Columbia, South Carolina

The opportunity to glean pastoral wisdom from these men was a huge blessing. For two days we talked about preaching, pastoral leadership, and great preachers of church history. It would be hard to quantify the helpfulness of the teaching, except to say that these men were used by God to proclaim eternal truths.
—Paul Shirley
Wilmington, Delaware

On behalf of Grace Advance, we want to thank Pastor John, Steve Lawson, and Lance Quinn for their sacrifice of time and energy to minister in each location. We also want to thank you, the congregation of Grace Church, for your continued support of Grace Advance. Our church truly has set in motion something that will make an impact for eternity.

The Grace Advance Staff