Can You Find Christ in Every Passage of the Bible?

Here’s how Kostenberger & Patterson deal with this question:

Now the fact that, properly conceived, Christ is the center of all Scripture does not mean that every chapter and every verse in Scripture are narrowly focused on Christ as if every verse of the Bible needed to be read anachronistically in a strict sense.  We must be aware of an overly simplistic theology that finds Christ, somewhat anachronistically, in places in the Old Testament where finding him there would involve major hermeneutical twisting and maneuvering.  Nor does Christ as the unifying center of Scripture mean that the biblical writers are completely uniform in their presentation of the coming Christ (the Gospels) or of the implications of his coming (the Epistles). Within this unity, we clearly encounter a refreshing and stimulating diversity reflecting the various personalities, vantage points, and theological perspectives of the respective New Testament writers. Nor does it mean that we should pit Jesus against the Bible and claim that the former, rather than the latter, is central.  After all, it is only through Scripture that we know Jesus in the first place, and Jesus himself cited the Scriptures as testifying to himself….

Biblical Interpretation, Kostenberger & Patterson, p. 210