Seeing the Invisible (This is why the Church is so Important!)

I think that the Church is important.  More than that, the church is necessary for all believers and this audio will explain why:

Seeing the Invisible Presence of Christ with the Church – Revelation 1:12-13a (For a “Pirate Jesus” listen at 35:00)

This is a sermon I preached last Sunday on Christ presence with the church, and these truths are why I love the church.


Here’s the outline:

 Revelation 1:12-16 reveals 10 images of the invisible presence of Christ.

1. The image of the Lampstands – Jesus with the Church

a. The presence of Christ is displayed in the local church

• Here John looks to see the source of the voice, and sees lampstands. Like John, the people see the church when they look for Jesus. (SCARY)   Matt 5:15 – Jesus is the light of the world and He does not intend to be hidden.

b. The presence of Christ is experienced in the local church

• The lampstands were not the only thing that John saw when he looked for the voice.The Son of Man was in the middle of the lampstands. In other words, Christ’s presence is not only displayed, but also experienced in Church. It makes sense!  The church is the body of Christ. How could you be more present with Jesus?  All the practical benefits of Matt 28:20 are found in the local church (Spirit & Gifts // Under-shepherds // Word & Ordinances). If you are NOT in church then Christ presence will result in chastisement (Heb 10:25). If you run from the church you are running from the presence of Jesus.

Christ uses practical means to display his effects of his presence, the church where we see and experience these ordinary means. The first image of the lampstands teaches us that the presence of Christ is displayed and experienced in the local church.


Here’s a look at my sermon notes  is used for preaching (for those interested):Sermon Note rev 1.12-13a