Finding the Source of Conflict…YOU may be surprised

The bible presents at least four sources of interpersonal conflict.

I.  Your Nature

  1. Passage: Mark 7:14-21
  2. Key Term: Heart – Your mission control center; who you are; your nature.
  3. Explanation: Our circumstances are NOT the cause of conflict.  The reason why we find ourselves in conflict with others is because our hearts are sinful.

II. Your Methods

  1. Passage: Galatians 5:17-21
  2. Key Term: Flesh – The works of the Flesh are the natural methods that we use for attaining our sinful goals.
  3. Explanation – Our natural response to any situation is to depend upon the methods of the flesh in order to manipulate, intimidate, and impose our own will on a situation.

III.  Your Wisdom

  1. Passage: James 3:13-16
  2. Key Term: Earthly Wisdom – Earthly wisdom is reasoning that has been influenced by the lies of Satan rather than influenced by God through the scriptures.
  3. Explanation: Earthly wisdom is self-centered and consequently results in attitudes of jealousy, selfish ambition.  The logic behind these attitudes inevitably leads to disorder and evil interpersonal practices because our thinking has been poisoned by sinful attitudes.

IV. Your Desires 

  1. James 4:1-3
  2. Key Term: Passions – “Passion” refers to the desires of your life that have become sinful idols of the heart.
  3. Explanation: You fight because you don’t get what you want.  Someone else has gotten in the way of you obtaining or keeping the object of your lust.  Because your desire for this object is greater than your desire for anything else (i.e. an idol) you are willing to fight to protect it.