Weekend Review (2.27.12)

Here’s what I did at Grace Community Church this weekend…

Sunday Morning Sermon: The Inauguration of the Messiah – Mark 1:9-13 (pt. 2)

Continuing in our series on the Gospel of Mark we examined Mark 1:9-13.  Here is the outline:

I. Jesus Publicly Submits to His Ministry as a Substitute for Man (v. 9)

a. The first step toward substitutionary atonement: Jesus arrives.
b. The second step toward substitutionary atonement: Baptism.

II. Jesus is Publicly Confirmed for His Ministry as One Sent by God (vv. 10-11)

a. The anointing of the Spirit
b. The affirmation of the Father

III.  Jesus is Publicly Initiated into His Ministry as the Conqueror of Evil (vv.12-13)

a. Sent out by the Spirit
b. Tempted by Satan

Sermon Audio

Sunday Evening Sermon: The Means of the Mission: Evangelism

On Sunday night we are continuing to talk about our mission as a church and how we can accomplish that mission.  Clearly that means that we MUST be a an evangelizing church. To help with this we looked at the following questions:

  • What is the work of evangelism?
  • What is the message of evangelism?
  • Why do we do the work of evangelism?
  • How do we do the work of evangelism?

Sermon Audio

Sunday Night Pizza & Preaching Questions

  • Why was Jesus baptized?
  • Why did Jesus need to be anointed by the Spirit?
  • What was significant about the Father’s affirmation of the Son?
  • Why did Jesus have to be tempted by Satan?
  • What is Evangelism?
  • How are you doing in the area of Evangelism?

GCC Children’s Ministry

Children’ Sunday School

Genesis 11:27-12:9 – God Makes a Promise to Abram

Grace Kids

Q 1: Who made you?    God.
Q 2. What else did God make?    God made all things.