Weekend Wrap Up (2.13.12)

Finally… yesterday we finally got into the text of Mark on Sunday morning.  I’ve literally been chomping at the bit to get started. Ok, not literally.  But I  have been excited.  Also, on Sunday night we talked about how worship can help us to accomplish our mission.


Sunday Morning: The Ministry of the Forerunner

As I mentioned we started Mark and looked at Mark 1:1-8.  Here is the outline from that sermon:

Mark 1:2-8 describes 5 features of John the Baptist’s life that prepared the way for Christ:


I. The Prophecy about John prepared the way for Christ. (vv. 2-3)

                        a.  The prophecy of John’s identity as the forerunner

                        b.  The prophecy of John’s work as the forerunner

II. The Ministry of John points prepared the way for Christ. (v. 4)

                        a. John’s ministry of preaching

                        b. John’s ministry of baptism

III. The Response to John prepared the way for Christ. (v. 5)

                        a. The people responded to John with curiosity

                        b. The people responded to John with confession

IV. The Lifestyle of John prepared the way for Christ. (v. 6)

                        a. John wore the clothes of a forerunner

                        b. John ate the diet of a forerunner

V. The Message of John prepared the way for Christ. (v. 7-8)

                        a. John preached about a mightier person

                        b. John preached about a mightier ministry

You can find the audio for the sermon HERE.

Sunday Night: The Means of the Mission (pt. 1): An Exalting Church

Worship literally affects every area of our lives, especially our mission as a church.  This is why we must take worship seriously in 3 areas of our life:

1. Whole Life Conduct

2. Gathered Worship

3. Personal Praise

Listen to me explain this categories in more detail HERE

Something to Chew ON…

  • What does the Old Testament say about the forerunner and his ministry?
  • How would you describe John’s ministry? What was he teaching?
  • How did John respond when he had the chance to glorify himself? To whom did he give the glory?
  • Do you ever think of yourself as not being worthy to be a slave?
  • What are the three “means” we are going to use to accomplish our mission?
  • How are you individually participating in these “means”?