Shirley Family Update… from Delaware

[.pdf version: feb family update]

‘our 1st month in Delaware’

the family

The family is adjusting well to life in DE.  Elyse is working hard to find grocery stores, the girls are making friends with the neighbors, and Paul is learning how to shovel the driveway (although we’ve only had one snow fall).

We are also very excited that the Lord will be blessing our family with girl number 3! Both baby and mother are doing well, even though Elyse is enduring her normal pregnancy struggles with health.

We are adjusting to the new pace of life in a church plant and also to Paul’s study being upstairs.  While these are adjustments, they have certainly been blessings.  Our home has become a center of activity in church life and the family has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the people of the church.  The fast pace of ministry has helped us not feel so far from home.  However, the slow pace of Delaware does remind us that we aren’t in FL anymore (Starbucks closes at 8:30 pm!)

the church

The church is doing well and continuing to grow.  We’ve recently added 5 families (including us) to the church.  Most noticeably we’ve also added a new pianist to help us with our music on Sunday morning. Right now Paul is preaching through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday mornings and church’s philosophy of ministry on Sunday nights (followed by pizza and fellowship, or as we call it ‘preaching & pizza’).

Paul is especially excited that 12 men are attending the Tuesday morning men’s meeting where Paul is teaching the men about the sovereignty of God in all areas of life.  Paul’s goal is to equip these men to lead their families spiritually and in turn set the theological and spiritual pace for the rest of the church.

We have spent a lot of time talking about our mission as a church.  We are convinced that our mission is to “spiritually prepare individuals for the kingdom.”  We want to make sure that the people of the church and the community are prepared for the second coming of Christ and the full manifestation of the kingdom.  This, of course, requires that we proclaim the Gospel and its implications to all.

Partner with us through prayer…


  • God has provided a pianist for Sunday worship
  • God is bringing new people to our church
  • God’s financial provision, especially the continued support of Grace Bible Church of Brandon


  • Pray that the Lord would bring new converts and we would need to have our first baptism service
  • Pray for the finances of the church (our reduced rent rate was just increased)
  • Pray for the continued health of Elyse and the baby during her pregnancy
  • Pray for Paul as he preaches from the books of Mark and Nehemiah (beginning soon)
  • Pray for the girls as they adjust to their new surroundings

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