Weekend Wrap Up (2.6.12)

This weekend marked the beginning of my 2 month at Grace Community Church at Wilmington. God’s grace has certainly been abundant over the last month, and we are excited to what God has in store for us in the months to come.

Sunday Morning: God’s Use of a Broken Vessel: The Story of Mark

Before we begin our verse-by-verse exposition of Mark we spent the week learning about the guy who wrote the Gospel account, Mark.  Mark’s story is the story of God graciously using and “mess up.”  Remember, Mark is the guys who broke up the missionary duo of Paul & Barnabas.  Additionally, Mark was not a preacher or a teacher.  Mark was a helper.  God grew Mark through his mistakes and he used his spiritual gifts to preserve the Gospel of Mark for us today.  In particular two things stand out from the story of Mark are…

  1. God is interested in Ministry Faithfulness not Ministry Flash
  2. God uses weak and broken vessels who are humble enough to be useful

Listen to the sermon HERE

Sunday Evening: The “Meat of our Mission”

On Sunday evening we went over the core principles of our church that we pray will be multi-generational commitmetns:

  1. A high view of God
  2. The authority and sufficiency of Scripture
  3. The need for sound doctrine
  4. The importance of a holy church
  5. The priority of biblical leadership

These are the core principles that will help GCC not only determine what we will do, but also how we will do it.

Listen to the sermon HERE