Weekend Wrap up (1.23.12)

Monday mornings are a great opportunity to reflect back on the Lord’s Day and remind ourselves of what God did and how God spoke to us through His word.  Here is a brief recap of what happened at Grace Community Church at Wilmington…

Prayer Needs

  1. On Sanctity of Life Sunday we prayed for the end of abortion.
  2. We prayed that God would provide gifted and godly workers for our children’s ministry

Also, a few requests that weren’t specifically mentioned:

  1. Pray for our study in the Gospel of Mark which will begin next week.
  2. Pray that God would provide the financial means for us to act on a specific ministry opportunity for our church.

Sunday Morning: A Dependent Church (pt. 2)

We finally finished up are examination of what a Dependent Church looks like in Acts 4:23-35.  Here are the traits of dependence that we saw in this passage and are striving for in our church:

  1. A Dependent Church is committed to one another. (v.23)
  2. A Dependent Church God prays. (v. 24a)
  3. A Dependent Church finds comfort in God’s sovereignty (vv. 24b-28)
  4. A Dependent Church boldly proclaims His word. (vv. 29-30)
  5. A Dependent Church is unified. (v. 32a)
  6. A Dependent Church gives generously. (vv. 32b, & 36)
  7. A Dependent Church trusts God with the results.  (vv. 33, & 36)

Listen to the sermon HERE.

Sunday Evening: “The Mission of Our Church” (pt. 1)

Last week we discovered that our mission as a church is to “spiritually prepare individuals for the Kingdom of God.”  As we seek to fulfill our mission there are some core principles that we must hold on to very tightly.  We saw the first 2 of those principles yesterday:

  1. We must be committed to a high view of God.
  2. We must be committed to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.

Listen to the sermon HERE.

Read the full Philosophy of Ministry HERE.

Questions to Think About:

Sunday Morning: Acts 1:23-35

  • What does it mean to Depend upon God?
  • How can we work to preserve the Unity God has provided?
  • How can we look at our financial resources from dependent perspective?
  • How should Christians view earning a living and sharing with others?
  • What is a biblical definition of success? How does this affect our personal lives as well as our church body life?
  • Evaluation: Are you trusting God with the results in your life? In what areas do you need to focus more on faithfulness and less on results?

Sunday Evening

  • What are the core principles (Philosophy of Ministry) of our church?
  • Why is it so important for us to uphold these principles?
  • Evaluation: How are you doing at personally upholding these principles in your own life?