Jesus>Religion… an interesting perspective

The viral “Why I hate Religion, but Love Jesus” has made the rounds and been discussed at length.  There isn’t any reason for me to analyze it when you can go HERE and get a very good perspective on the video.

However, I read an article today by Jonathan D. Fitzgerald of  the WSJ online that provided an interesting opinion (especially since it was coming from a non-Christian publication):

This is the kind of Christianity in which I was raised, where a man with a high school degree and a “calling” can lead a congregation, where a pastor can spend millions advertising an apocalypse only he predicted, and where a church burns the Koran and leads to the unnecessary deaths of innocent people halfway across the world.

Stating that religions build churches at the expense of the poor, as Mr. Bethke does, turns a blind eye to the single greatest charitable institution on the planet. Blaming religion for wars ignores the fact that the greatest mass murderers in the 20th century—indeed in all of history—killed for nonreligious reasons. And advocating for a kind of Christianity that is free of the “bondage” of religion opens the door to dangerous theological anarchy that is all too common among young evangelicals and absolutely antithetical to biblical Christianity.

You can read the entire article HERE.