Theo-Centric Evangelism

D. Marin Lloyd-Jones was a man who loved the Gospel & desired to see it proclaimed to all.  He was also a man very concerned with “modern evangelism” and techniques developed by modern-day evangelist.  As a corrective Llyod-Jones provided what he called “five foundational principles.”

  1. The supreme object of this work is to glorify God… The first object of preaching the Gospel is not to save souls… Nothing else, however good in itself, or however noble, must be allowed to usurp the first place.
  2. The only power that can really do this work is that of the Holy Spirit…
  3. The one and only medium though which the Holy Spirit works is the Word of God… The medium which is used by the Holy Spirit is the Truth.
  4. The true urge to evangelization must come from apprehending these principles and, therefore, of a zeal for the honour and glory of God, and a love for the souls of men.
  5. There is a constant danger of error, and of heresy, even amongst the most sincere, and also the danger of a flase zeal and the employment of unscriputral methods.  (Iain Murray, D.M. Lloyd-Jones vol. 2, 90)

L-J’s five principles, more than anything, reveal a trust for God in the area of evangelism.  Trust in the holiness of His character, trust in sovereign nature of Salvation, trust in the resources provided for evangelization, and a trust in God for the results.  In short, L’J’s plea is for “Theo-centric Evangelism.”

What about you? Is your evangelism (if it exists) Theo-centric OR is it you-centric?