Worship: Where do we do it?

The Scope of Worship

Due to its nature, worship affects every area of life.  Decisions are made on the basis of worship; priorities are set on the basis of worship; and sacrifices are made on behalf of whatever one worships.  This means that with respect to idolatry, wrong worship will negatively affect every area of one’s life.  Idolatry will lead to sinful life patterns. (1 Cor 10:7-14; Mk 7:14-23)

The proper worship of the Triune God of the bible is equally broad in its effect on one’s life.  Proper worship will result in righteous life patterns (Matt 7:15-24).  Furthermore, right worship is broad in its scope because it is a priority in the Kingdom of God—both in its current seed form and its eternal consummation.