Please pray with me for Alim

Please join me in praying for a Christian brother in China who goes by the name Alim.  Alim, whose full name is Alimujiang Yimiti, has been unjustly imprisoned by the Chinese government.  Since 2008 Alim has been held for charges which initially included:

  1. Preaching the Gospel
  2. Distributing Christian literature
  3. Leading people to follow Christ.

These charges were later changed to things like leaking government secrets, and inciting revolt.

Alim has a wife and two children, who he has only seen once in the last two years.  Please pray for them!

You can learn more about Alim’s case at There you can get prayer updates, write letters of encouragement to Alim, and even donate to help with Alim’s legal fees.  Also, there is a very moving video of Alim’s mother and wife pleading for his freedom.   You must watch it!  But be prepared to be moved to tears when his mother says, “If Alim’s faith is like gold then when he passes through the trial of fire my son will remain as gold.”


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  1. This is beyond moving, and puts in perspective the trivial things that often “get me down.” How encouraging to know that “the church” is more than just a building, it is the brothers and sisters that his wife is appealing to for prayer.

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