Edwards on the Sign Gifts

Ever wondered what a guy like Jonathan Edwards thought about the “Sign Gifts” (i.e. miracles, healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc.)?  What would he say about the modern day discussion of this issue.  Well here is a helpful paragraph that might shed some light on it:

It was not God’s design that miracles should always be continued in the world.  Miracles are only for introducing the true religion into the world, to accompany the revelation and first promulgating of the Word of God by them to whom it was revealed by inspiration, to confirm to the world that it was a divine revelation.  But now, when the true religion has long since introduced and the canon of the Scripture completed, the use of miracles in the church ceases.

In other words, Edwards was a cessationist.  Edwards certainly wouldn’t have used the term (I don’t think it even existed back then), but it can be applied to him today.



  1. In once since the fact that God bestows His grace upon us and allows us to live is a miracle. Certainly. However, what Edwards is referring to are the kind of miracles performed by Jesus and in the book of Acts. His point, is that the Bible has been established and now b/c it is so powerful we do not need those other signs to convert individuals to Christ. The bible is powerful enough.

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