Haiti Relief Efforts

As news and images of the devastation in Haiti continue to come out many of us are left wondering what we can do.   First, as the church we need to be praying.  Praying for the physical needs, but more importantly the spiritual needs of those affected by the Earthquake.  Second, we need to do whatever we can to help meet the spiritual needs that we are praying for.  Third, we need to do whatever we can to help meet the physical needs that we are praying for.

One way that you can accomplish both #2 & #3 is through Agape Flights.  Agape Flights is an organization that works with missionaries in Haiti by flying in supplies.  For readers in the Tampa area they are local, flying out of Venice, FL.  The great thing about Agape Flights, with respect to the current situation, is that the they have been flying in supplies to Haiti for years.  This is nothing new for them, and thus they are in a great position to help.  Additionally, any of the goods or money donated will  go directly to missionaries on the ground and thus directly to the relief efforts.  You will not have to worry about money changing hands 15 times before it gets to Haiti 3 yrs from now.  If you send them food they are going to put it on a plane and fly down within a couple of days.  In fact, they only thing holding up flights back and forth is lack of supplies and money for fuel.  This is where we can help.

For more info on Agape Flights go to http://www.agapeflights.com.  You can also see specific needs HERE.