Book Review: Romans

To put it bluntly, R.C. Sproul is an author that Christians should read.  Even more so the book of Romans is a book that Christians should be well acquainted with.  This is what makes Sproul’s recent commentary on the book of Romans so helpful.  Published this year, Sproul’s commentary on Romans is the first in what will hopefully be a long series of commentaries on the NT.  This commentary, as well as the ones planned to follow, reflect the preaching ministry of Sproul.  Each chapter reflects a sermon preached by Sproul on that particular passage.

This commentary would certainly be in the category of an expositional commentary.  Which means that it is accessible to all. No need to worry about brushing up on your Greek grammar, or trying to remember which scholar holds what position.  It is simply Sproul explaining the meaning of Scripture.  This, however, does not mean that the commentary is simplistic.  Sproul is certainly thorough, providing his readers will valuable information.  Furthermore, Sproul challenges readers spiritually throughout this volume.  As I worked through various sections of the book Sproul’s explanation of the passage as well as his explanation of its implications for my life left me feeling the weight of the passage.

If there is a weakness to this book it is probably the fact that the chapters so closely resemble a sermon manuscript.  I guess this is not really a problem, but it seemed to me that the editors could have done a little more to make this seem like a commentary and not a compilation of sermons. There were times when I felt like Sproul was preaching to his people and I was just trying to listen.  There were even a couple of times when I thought, “man I wish I could have been there that Sunday morning.”  This is, however, the first is a series so I think we can expect some improvement on this point.

Overall I would highly recommend this volume as a valuable resource to any Christian looking to learn more about the book of Romans, or just looking to feed his soul!