The Practical Uses of Google Earth

google earthMany of you are familiar with google earth.  It is a program made available by google that allows you to see satellite photos of almost any place on earth.  For the most part, google earth is used as toy (i.e. time waster).  However, I have found a couple of very useful applications for google earth.

First, google earth is helpful for bible study.  I have never been to Israel, but I can see the topography through google earth.  Now I know that it is not the same, but at least it is something.  My bible geography professor pointed out this application to me.

running trailSecond, most frequently I use google earth help me track my running.  There are a ton of sidewalks and trails around my house, but there are not a lot of mile markers.  This makes is difficult to track how far I run.  Additionally, a lot of these trails are off the road making it impossible to track the distance with my car.  This is where google earth comes in.   Using the “ruler” tool I am able to map out my runs and track my distances.  This allows me to keep track of my training schedule, and run some new paths every once in a while.

Maybe these uses of google earth might be helpful for you, or maybe you have a better use for this pretty amazing tool.  Whatever the case may be, using google earth more effectively will allow you more time to play solitare while you are on the computer…