Music Review: To Be Like Jesus

to be like JesusIn my house we love music.  Some of us are more talented that others (if you have ever heard me sing then you know who I am talking about), but we all enjoy music.  You will often catch my daughter singing all the songs from Cinderella, or whatever Disney movie she is into that week.  Music is a great way for her to learn, and to express herself.  For this reason my wife and I have always used music as a tool to teach her, and now my youngest daughter, about the things of the Lord.  Whether it is an old hymn, a new chorus, or a VBS song, we are always trying to teach our daughters biblical truth through music.

One of the problems that we have run into as a family is finding music that is edifying and enjoyable to the entire family.  Our girls aren’t always interested in everything we listen to, and there are only so many times that I can sing about the Bear Necessities.  Recently, however, Sovereign Grace Music has helped us out with this dilemma.  Just recently they came out with a new album entitled “To Be Like Jesus.”  The album is for children, but it is music that parents will enjoy as well.  One of the great things about the album is that the content of the songs are biblical, and aimed at children.  One of the songs even speaks of loving your sister even when she is not nice to you.  That hits home for our family!

I would highly reccomend picking up this CD for the faimly.  It is available HERE for $12.00.  Or,  if you would like you can preview it HERE.