Chocolate Milk?

Every kid loves chocolate milk.  For that matter I think every adult loves it too!  I know I do.  But what most people don’t know is that chocolate milk can be good for you, especially after a hard run.

Let me explain,

Jason Karp, an exercise physiology graduate student at Indiana University, recently tested a popular carb-protein recovery drink along with good old chocolate milk (low-fat, of course) to see which helped speed recovery better. In the study, a group of cyclists pedaled a grueling interval workout to deplete glycogen stores, then immediately drank either two or two-and-a-half cups of chocolate milk or the recovery drink. Two hours later, they drank the same amount of the same beverage. Two hours after that, the cyclists pedaled at a fixed pace until they were exhausted.

The results: The cyclists who drank the chocolate milk pedaled just as long as those who had the recovery drink. This type of timed performance trial indirectly indicates how much the cyclists’ glycogen stores had recovered from the previous session of exercise. So after your next long run, go ahead and chug a cup or two of low-fat chocolate milk (cookies are optional).

You can read the full article HERE.