Asics Gel-DS Trainer 13

asicsgeldstrainer13I recently picked up a pair of the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 13.  If you are looking for a technical review you might want to check out the runners world review: HERE.  However, if you are looking for the opinion of a just another runner, then here are some of my thoughts.

  • First, this would not be the ideal pair of trainers.  I have really enjoyed these shoes, but for me they are probably best used as a race shoe.  One of the advantages is that they are very light, but this also means that you give up a little on cushioning.  For those long runs you will probably want a bit more support.
  • They are very close to a neutral shoe.  In other words,  they are not going to provide you with a lot of stability.  This means that for the average runner, like myself, these shoes would work best a as a pair of race day shoes.
  • A small feature that I enjoyed were the off center shoe laces.  This seems like a small thing, but this feature seemed to help the tongue of the shoe stay in place.  Additionally, it made it a little easier to keep the shoe laces from bouncing around on my shins.  (shoe laces are kind-of thing for me)
  • Before you go out looking for a pair you need to know that it is a relatively narrow shoe (which is a characteristic of asics).  This is not a problem for me–it keeps my heel from slipping–but some will find it too narrow.
  • A cool, but totally impractical feature is the look of the shoe.  The green and black just looks fast!