Keep Fighting the Culture of Death

Here are a couple of videos created by a Catholic organization.  While I whole-heartedly disagree with Catholic doctrine I appreciate this videos, and I would encourage you to continue fighting against the culture of death in this country.

(Neither CNN or NBC would air this add on their stations)



  1. Paul,

    You state in your post,

    “While I whole-heartedly disagree with Catholic doctrine”

    Do you believe in the Trinity?

    Do you believe that Jesus died on the Cross for you?

    Do you believe in Heaven?

    Do you believe in Hell?

    Shall I go on?

    If you believe in any of these Christian doctrines, your statement,

    “While I whole-heartedly disagree with Catholic doctrine”,

    might just be an over statement. As a Christian you might be surprised at just how much “Catholic Stuff” you agree with.


  2. Joe,

    Do I really need to explain what a Reformed (i.e. Calvinistic) Protestant meant when he said “I whole-heartedly” disagree with Catholic doctrine?

    Let’s look at your list:

    1. I believe in the Trinity, but my view of the Trinity is different than a Catholic View because there is no room for co-mediatrix in my view of the trinity. I know that no catholic in the history of the world would claim that Mary is a part of the Trinity. However, I believe that the Catholic view of Mary comes dangerously close to deifying Mary. I know you disagree with this, so there is no need to give a long response to this.

    2. I believe that the death and Resurrection of Christ accomplished something much different than Catholic doctrine states.

    3 & 4. I believe that purgatory, which is closely connected with one’s doctrine of heaven and hell, is an erroneous view. By the way this erroneous (in my opinion) doctrine has to do with #2 as well. I believe that Jesus died for me in such as way as to wholly justify me. If I have put my faith in Christ then I do not need further purification through purgatory.

    Joe, my purpose is not to debate these issues with you in the comments section. My point is simply that we disagree. Shall I go on?

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