Curt Schilling: HOF?

132429404tcwurc_phYesterday Curt Schilling, pitcher for the Red Sox, announced his retirement.  After 20 years, and many great moments, he is calling it a career.  In the wake of this decision there is a lot of buzz over whether or not Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame or not.  Before I weigh in on this I want to make two disclosures:

  1. I couldn’t stand Curt Schilling as a ballplayer, especially when he was on the Red Sox.
  2. I think that the Hall of Fame should remain the Hall of “Fame” and not the Hall of “Really Good players that played in a large market with good media exposure.”

Now to the question at hand.  Should Schilling make the HOF?  NO!  He simply does not have the numbers.  He pitched in a lot of great games, and was an excellent post-season player.  But that is not enough.  Think about it this way, Schilling pitched for 21 years  (admittedly the first two he only appeared in a limited number of games) and accumulated 216 wins.  That is just over 10 wins per seasons.  Are those Hall of Fame numbers?  I certainly do not think so.  Later in his career Schilling proved himself to be one of the best big game pitchers of his generation, and a post-season legend.  But when you look at his entire career, the accomplishments just aren’t there.

If Schilling gets voted in the floodgates will be open.  Before you know it the Jack Morises of the world are going to be on plaques next to guys like Cy Young.  When that happens then we might as well move the baseball HOF to Canton, OH where it will be just as irrelavant as the football HOF.



  1. unlike you, paul, i do like curt schilling and i have a sneaking suspicion that youre jealous because (up until last year) your team had never won so much as a $1 scratch off lottery ticket… however, i do agree with you on the hof issue – it has to be a no.

  2. Your objectivity is commendable. Your suspicion may be correct. But don’t forget that little phrase “up until last year.” Especially since last year we beat the BoSox.

  3. miss you guys. lord willing i’ll be back at TES next week. I do get to see Denis this weekend though. i am just getting into baseball for the first time and it’s interesting to find out who the other fans out there are.

  4. Rob,
    Nice to hear from you man. I will look forward to seeing you this week. You definitely found another fan–literally a fanatic. If you have any questions as you enter into the world of baseball just let me know. I enjoy talking baseball almost as much as I do theology.

  5. i played organized basketball from about age six to my junior year of college, but never even picked up any other kind of ball. my oldest son has just started his first baseball season, so i am just getting the basics down. simple things like position responsibilities are just starting to come together for me. i’m thinking the baseball thing may work out better for him than basketball would. he’s short, ambidextrous, and white. plus, he doesn’t have any tats, which is now a requirement in basketball.

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