Expository Preaching 099 (pt. 5)

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Defining Expositional Preaching
Part 3: Describing Expositional Preaching
Part 4: Defending Expositional Preaching

VI. Conclusion

pulpitI hope that this brief overview of expositional preaching has provided a helpful introduction on this subject for you.  Make no mistake about it, whether you are a preaching or a Dad trying to find the right church for his family, expositional preaching should be important to you.  Expositional preaching is the best method for fulfilling the biblical mandate to preach the word.  This does not mean that expositional preaching is the only task of a healthy church.  However, expositional preaching is a key element of a healthy church.  Expositional preaching makes the pages of God’s word come alive for the modern day church goer.  Through the faithful exposition of the bible God speaks His word to His people.  Just as the Israelites were able to leave the presence of the prophets knowing that they had heard a word from the Lord, Christians can depart from their local church on Sunday knowing that they have heard a word from the Lord.  But this can only happen if the preacher derives his message from the bible.  Anything less than this will fall short of biblical preaching, and will leave God’s people spiritually malnourished.

Just in case you are still a little unclear about what this expositional preaching is, here are a list of places where you can listen to the best of expositional preaching:

Grace To You – You can now download all of John MacArthur’s sermons for free here.
Verse-by-Verse Radio – This is the radio ministry of Pastor Steve Kreloff. Pastor Kreloff is one of the best at expositional preaching, and one of my all time favorite preachers.
Grace Bible Church – This is my home church, and it is where you will get to hear the preaching ministry of Chris Pixley. At our site you can download our weekly sermons, or sign up for the podcast.

These certainly are not the only preachers doing expositional preaching, but they are three of my favorites.  If you listen to these guys then you will certainly get a taste for expositional preaching.



  1. Awesome posts. I wanted to share something from the heart and I was wondering if you can post it on your website. I wanted to share a biblical message that I think demands a sense of urgency from us all within The Body of Christ. Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought on the rich spiritual blessings we have In Christ Alone because of Christ Alone. Then it dawned on me: “What if, What if some how, some where “We” within the Body of Christ have become like the Church of Ephesus that the Lord describes to John in Revelations. Could it be? Surely not us, right? I mean we have all our “T’s crossed and all of our “i” dotted. I mean we have a clear understanding of all the biblical doctrines within the word of God. We have learned what it truly means to be saved by the “Grace” of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I mean we have everything down to the wording, by Faith Alone in Christ Alone. Which is a great thing. We have a rich understanding of the importance of Prayer, Expository Preaching, Evangelism, Fellowship….Sky is the Limit, right? But despite all of this I have a yearning in my heart, a cry is in my heart as I search, as I continue to repent of my sins, as I continue to carry on in the Lord, by His Spirit, yearning to be continually conformed into the Image of Christ. Sound familiar? Yes. I mean here we are at a place in our walk with the Lord where we are constantly and continually yearning to live for His Glory and yet I continue to ask: “Lord, could I still be missing the mark. I mean I am not referring to whether or not I am doing enough “Works” for I have a clear understanding that in the Lord, even the good “Works” we do is by His Spirit, for His Glory, and by His Might as we walk in the works that He prepared before hand that we should walk in them, yet I still ask: Lord, search me, Where are my Blind Spots? Am I where I should be in my walk with You? or am I blinded by all the Godly things that you have provided for the Body and Christ to the point not that such within itself is bad for us for all the Lord gives us as it relates to Spiritual blessings and so forth in the word of God is by His Grace, yet I ask: Lord, have I stopped trusting You and placed my trust in “Things” even if those “Things” are in themselves “Spiritual and Biblical Sound within the Word of God. Have I placed my trust on the Blessings instead of the Blesser? Have I placed my trust on the Gift instead of the Giver? Have I placed my trust in anything else instead of in Christ? As I walk in You, has my walk turned into Complacency? Lord, has my heart grown luke warm as I walk in You? Have I allowed myself to become blinded by focusing on What I think I am doing for you instead of continually depending on You? Does my heart continue to burn with the First Love as it once did when I was Drawn by You to Yourself? Lord, have we turned from our First Love in You and not even know it? I mean, ladies and gentlemen, it is a scary thing to consider, and our walk in the Lord is worth asking ourselves from time to time such questions. When was the last time that we asked ourselves some of these questions? I mean, we may say all is well, but think about it for a minute as you look at the words of Our Lord to the Church of Ephesus in the Book of Revelation.

    Message to Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7)
    1 “To the angel of the church in aEphesus write:
    The One who holds bthe seven stars in His right hand, the One who walks 1camong the seven golden lampstands, says this:
    2 ‘aI know your deeds and your toil and 1perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you bput to the test those who call themselves capostles, and they are not, and you found them to be false;
    3 and you have 1perseverance and have endured afor My name’s sake, and have not grown weary.
    4 ‘But I have this against you, that you have aleft your first love.
    5 ‘Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and arepent and bdo the 1deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your clampstand out of its place—unless you repent.
    6 ‘Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the aNicolaitans, which I also hate.
    7 ‘aHe who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. bTo him who overcomes, I will grant to eat of cthe tree of life which is in the dParadise of God.’
    New American Standard Bible : 1995 Update.

    Look at the Qualities in Christ this Church displays. Although I wont go into great detail here I challenge us all in the Lord to do some Exegesis and Expound on these verses. Let’s take a look.

    Image this:
    * The Lord tells the Church: I KNOW YOUR Deeds.
    Think about that for a minute? Ask yourself this question: What are your deeds that the Lord sees? Is it not All our Deeds? Yes. Know think about all those deeds for a minute? What are those deeds? How do your deeds coincide with your walk with the Lord by His Spirit and through the Knowledge of His Word?

    Now look at the context of the text in Revelation 2:2.

    The Lord says to the Church of Ephesus: I know your deeds. I (Jesus Christ) know (oida = complete and full knowledge)…in other words the Lord was full aware completely and with full complete knowledge of the Church of Ephesus Deeds. All includes all good and all bad as well. Now with all the churches listed to the 7 churches listed in Revelation we see a pattern. The Lord begins by commending them and listing such He is commending before stating and listing what He is rebuking. Following me? Ok, let’s continue.

    I know (have a perfect and full knowledge) your deeds. What deeds? (deeds=ergon=that which anyone is occupied, that which anyone undertakes, anything accomplished, act or thing done). This is a general summarizing all that follow. Ok, let’s stop for a minute and think about All of our acts or things done in the Lord, for the Lord, and in our daily life and our daily walk as we live our daily life while in Christ meaning think of all your acts and deeds in your life on a daily basis what ever those deeds may be. What are your thoughts about all your daily acts and deeds? Christ knows all our acts and deeds, would He be pleased. I mean our deeds are in Him, right? As we walk in Him, right? Living for Him by His might, for His Glory, by His Spirt, through His Word, by His Power. Right? Look at what follows in the verse.

    1) Christ knew their “Toil” (kopos= denotes labor to the point of sweat and exhaustion. I mean, the commending from our precious Lord to the church of Ephesus is very commendable, right? They were a church which acts and things done were done with a LABOR to the POINT of SWEAT and EXHAUSTION. WOW! Awesome Right? I mean not MLB AWESOME, but Awesome in this church didnt just act and get things done, They TOILED with a sense of URGENCY, with a sense of DEDICATION, with a sense of EFFORT, not just any EFFORT, but EFFORT to the POINT of SWEAT, to the POINT of EXHAUSTION, Isn’t that commendable? The Lord said so. How about our acts and things we get done? Do we TOIL? Is our Efforts to the point of Sweat? To the point of EXHAUSTION? To the point where we can say with assurance that the Lord would say “ I KNOW YOUR DEEDS and HOW your Actions and Deeds are to the point of SWEAT and EXHAUSTION? I mean, this church didn’t just do acts and deeds. They did acts and deeds that the Lord Himself in this verse is saying I KNOW YOUR DEEDS AND YOUR TOIL. In other words this is a church that is going ALL-OUT: Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. This isn’t just any Deeds and Toil, this is DILIGENT ACTION. This was their action. Think about this in light of the culture of their time. Think of about such action in the culture of our time. If the verse stopped right at this point with no other info provided on this church, think of the Preaching Messages that would be Preached about this church? No really, think about that for a moment. WOW! EXACTLY.

    Follow this.

    The Lord didn’t only KNOW their DEEDS and their TOIL, but He also KNEW their PERSEVERANCE. “HUPOMONE”. That is to say: I am ALL KNOWING in ALL YOUR ACTS and WORKS to the POINT of SWEAT and to the POINT of EXHAUSTION, but the Lord ALSO KNOWS their PERSEVERANCE. Not just any PERSEVERANCE, but a COURAGOUS ACCEPTANCE of HARDSHIPS, SUFFERING and LOSS. Think about that for a moment? I mean, would the Lord say that of US? Of our CHURCHES? Is that commendable or what? Again, think about this in light of their culture? If this was all we knew about this church, again, think about the EXPOSITORY PREACHING we would do in this VERSE? Think about the DEEDS, the TOIL and now the PERSEVERANCE and the Lord saying to us: I KNOW ALL THIS OF YOU AND I COMMEND YOU. Would we feel good about that commendation? Sounds like this church is in pretty good shape, right? Can the Lord’s commendation of this church get any better?

    Follow This.


    CANNOT (DYNAMAI=to be able to do something).

    TOLERATE (BASTAZO=to take up with hands, to take up in order to carry or bear, to sustain, uphold).

    EVIL (KAKOS=a bad nature in thinking, feeling and acting, troublesome, destructive).

    Just when we think the commending couldn’t get any better, check this out. The Lord is now commending this church because THEY HELD A HIGH STANDARD OF BEHAVIOR and WERE SENSITIVE OF SIN. I mean this church wouldn’t allow such corruption of sin in their life or in the church. Is that commendable or what? I mean, think about this for a moment: WE WORK DILIGENTLY IN THE LORD AND YOUR ACTS AND DEEDS ARE DONE TO THE POINT OF SWEAT AND TO THE POINT OF EXHAUSTION, I MEAN YOUR GIVING IT YOUR ALL, RIGHT? ON TOP OF THIS YOUR COURAGEOUSLY ACCEPTING HARDSHIP, SUFFERING AND COUNTING IT ALL FOR LOSS. AND IF THAT WASN’T COMMENDABLE IMAGINE BEING COMMENDED FOR NOT TOLERATING SIN IN OUR LIVES AND IN THE CHURCH. AND ITS NOT JUST ANYONE SAYING THESE THINGS ARE COMMENDABLE. IT IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST SAYING THAT THESE THINGS TO HIS STANDARD ARE COMMENDABLE. CAN IT GET ANY MORE COMMENDABLE THAN THAT? I MEAN THIS CHURCH IS ON FIRE, RIGHT? Four decades before this Paul was warning them to not to give the devil an opportunity Ephesians 4:27 and here is this church four decades later in a decaying culture, in a time where the churches of Christ had been through some tough persecutions years prior and currently and here is this church with these COMMENDABLE DEEDS. WOW!

    Follow this it gets better?

    AND YOU PUTTO THE TEST (Peirazo = to try, to make trial, to test, to assertain his quantity, how he behaves himself) THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES APOSTLES, AND THEY ARE NOT, AND YOU FOUND THEM TO BE FALSE. This church was not lacking in Spiritual Discernment. This church never forgot the words of Paul in Acts 20: 28-31. Look what one of the early church fathers said:

    The early church father Ignatius, writing not long after John penned the book of Revelation, also commended the Ephesians for their vigilance: “You heed nobody beyond what he has to say truthfully about Jesus Christ. … I have heard that some strangers came your way with a wicked teaching. But you did not let them sow it among you. You stopped up your ears to prevent admitting what they disseminated” (Ephesians 6.2; 9.1; cited in Richardson, Early Christian Fathers, 89, 90).

    Is this church commendable or what? I mean the Lord is commending them. These were not church walls, but Christians in this Church of Ephesus during that time and culture, during a time where all the Lord’s Apostles were already dead, killed, with the exception of the Apostle John. Think about that??? Our Pastors from our local churches lets say they went away on a long, long missionary trip and they inquire to see how the church back home is doing and thus far…this is the news they get. What would be your thoughts as a pastor? WOW, SO FAR, RIGHT?

    Follow this.

    Verse 3: And you have perseverance and have endured for my name’s sake, and you have not grown weary.

    Here is that word again “PERSEVERANCE” this time specifically describing STEADFASTNESS, CONSTANCY, in the NT the characteristics of a man who is NOT SWERVED from his DELIBERATE PURPOSE and his LOYALTY to FAITH and PIETY by even the GREATEST TRIALS and SUFFERINGS and one that does so PATIENTLY. WOW! WOW! Can you say WOW with me? Did the Lord save the best of the commendations for last on this one? I mean, WOW. Image that in us? I mean, what PERSEVERANCE. I mean this is the kind of PERSEVERANCE that says I AM WILLING TO DIE FOR CHRIST IF NEED BE? I mean, imagine putting all the above in a sermon and listing characteristics the church should have.

    Endure in this verse carries the same greek word (Bastazo as the word in the previous verse of “TOLERATE”). I mean this is such a PERSEVERANCE that ENDURES and doesn’t TOLERATE SIN. In context to this verse this is a PERSEVERANCE and ENDURANCE not for just any sake, but for MY NAME SAKE (JESUS CHRIST). JESUS CHRIST is the object of their PERSEVERANCE and ENDURANCE. This is a Church that is willing to NOT BE SWERVED from their DELIBERATE PURPOSE and LOYALTY even in the MIDST of the GREATEST TRIALS and SUFFERINGS, and all for what? FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST? IS THAT CONSIDERING THE COST OF FOLLOWING CHRIST or WHAT? I mean it doesn’t end there not only didn’t they tolerate sinful men, but look at verse 6: YOU HATE THE DEEDS OF THE NICOLAITANS, WHICH I ALSO HATE. What ever its origin as there is sources for discussion on this, one thing is clear, NICOLAITANS embraced APOSTASY, HERESY, and led others into IMMORALITY and WICKEDNESS. This church HATED THE NICOLAITANS, WHICH JESUS ALSO HATED. Talk about being IN TUNE with THE LORD! WOW!

    Think about this for a minute please. Lets put ourselves “THIS FAR” in their shoes. Lets for one moment place all these commendations to ourselves as if our life and daily walk with the Lord manifest these commendable deeds. If we are honest with ourselves, how easy could it be to get caught up in feeling a little good about where we would be as it relates to all these commendable deeds in our lives.

    Now check this out. In a thousand years or lifetimes in such context of commendable deeds, bear in mind, not just any commendable deeds, but commendable deeds by the OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Not commendation from MEN, commendation from GOD. THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVING WITNESS to us of our walk with the Lord.

    Let’s ask ourselves this: With a Humble Heart before our service and walk with the Lord, as we continue to depend on HIM would we ever, EVER, in the context of such commendable deeds in our lives think of the follow words from the Lord that follow in Verse 4 of this passage.


    Think about that for a moment? WOW! Could I ever come to the place in my walk with the Lord where I could discern all the above and still come to the conclusion that despite all these commendable deeds that some how I have STILL LEFT MY FIRST LOVE. You see this should be the constant cry of our hearts: LORD, SEEK WITHIN ME, EXAMINE ME, FIND ALL THAT HAS CAUSED ME TO LEAVE MY FIRST LOVE WITH YOU AND EXPOSE IT AND REBUKE ME FOR IT SO THAT I CAN WAKE UP AND SEE MY SPIRITUAL BLIND SPOTS IN MY WALK WITH YOU.

    The problem with this church wasn’t all the above. That was commendable. The problem with this church wasn’t Doctrinal Orthodoxy or continued service to the Lord. The problem was that Service had degenerated to MECHANICAL ORTHODOXY. This church was maintaining the SOUND DOCTRINE that was handed down to them, but their LOVE FOR THE LORD and EACH OTHER (as our love for each other is a byproduct for our love for Christ) was DIMINISHING.

    I heard a preacher once who said that LAZINESS is not what is killing a lot of people of God now a days, it’s BUSYNESS that can sometime MASK itself as FIRST LOVE, yet is not FIRST LOVE.

    It is hard to DISCERN this in our lives. It is hard for others to DISCERN this in our Lives. You see the ACTS, the DEEDS, the MOTIONS and so on, its all there and sometimes WE ALL, can get so caught up in the MOMENTS and BECOME BLIND SIDED, with BLIND SPOTS in our WALK with the LORD and never EVER realize that we have LEFT OUR FIRST LOVE. I mean this is not a LOVE for the LORD and OTHERS that goes from LOVE to HATE, NO. IT goes from a FIRST LOVE to APATHY, INDIFFERENCE. We can get caught up in the moment. Our HOPES (in the Lord), Our DREAMS (in the Lord), Our AMBITION (in the Lord). Lord, I am going to be a Preacher, in fact I am going to be AN EXPOSITOR, and I am going to PREACH verse by verse, and I have this going on in my life and this door is opening, and that door is opening, all is well at home, I AM BLESSED. BLESSING AFTER BLESSING AFTER BLESSING. I get the WORD all the TIME. I wake up each day and I Strive in my walk with You to live by your word to the point of SWEAT and EXHAUSTION, yet that doesn’t stop me because I ENDURE what ever I have to Endure, I keep myself from SIN and I keep myself away from FALSE DOCTRINE and HERESY and I am willing to suffer for Your sake and CONSIDER THE COST of FOLLOWING YOU and so on and so on…..

    I heard a preacher say something that really placed a huge burden on my heart to consider before the Lord. How often do I Pray, not just Pray, but PRAY with a Yearning and Great Desire in MY HEART for the LORD that SAYS: YES, COME LORD JESUS. COME BACK FOR US. I mean look at the words of Jesus in the Gospel when He said in such a similar context of when HE RETURNS WILL HE FIND FAITH IN THE EARTH? In context to what? IN CONTEXT to that CONSTANT Praying, that CONSTANT YEARNING OF DESIRING THAT THE LORD RETURN QUICKLY FOR HIS CHURCH. How many of us have thought: I have so much going for me and or my family right now and we get so focused on what we have going on for ourselves in our lives. I mean sometimes it gets so hard to discern because we surround ourselves with so much that is BIBLICAL and GODLY which is COMMENDABLE in itself, however, How is our HEART doing inside in our FIRST Love for the Lord. I mean the Lord doesn’t say to the church YOU LEFT YOUR FIRST LOVE AND ITS OVER FOR YOU. No! That is not His Desire. He Commands them: “THEREFORE REMEMBER FROM WHERE YOU HAVE FALLEN, AND REPENT AND DO THE DEEDS YOU DID AT FIRST, ….then comes OR ELSE…..but not before the THEREFORE.



    2nd, THEY NEEDED TO REPENT. Repent from what? SIN? What sin they hated sin. Repent from the Sin of failing to Love the Lord with all their HEART, SOUL, MIND and STRENGTH (Matthew 22:36-38). I mean its like the children of Israel in the Wilderness when they hungered God gave them MANNA and they and everyone gets caught into the MIRACULOUS of the MANNA. What is MANNA? WOW, What wonderful Manna! Oh, How the Manna fills my hunger and the lesson wasn’t even about the Manna, it was about GOD and their dependence not on the PROVIDENCE of GOD, not even that, but on the DECREE OF HIS WORD THAT PRODUCED THE MANNA, so that they would learn to trust and live by everything that comes out of the word of God and what comes out of the word of GOD? GOD does. His word is His revelation of HIMSELF. Therefore, the lesson was don’t trust MANNA, trust GOD. Don’t thirst for MANNA, thirst for GOD. Don’t thirst for the Blessing, thirst for the BLESSER. Don’t thirst for the GIFT, thirst for the GIFT. For that is what Abraham did when he was willing to sacrifice ISAAC. ISAAC was the PROMISED SON, yet he didn’t place his trust and thirst in the Promise, but in the GIVER of the PROMISE. It is very easy for all of us, every single one of us within the BODY OF CHRIST to Lose this Balance. It is comparable with DISCERNMENT to the point of not DISCERNING RIGHT from WRONG, but DISCERNING RIGHT from ALMOST RIGHT. Look at the Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness by satan. Of all the things the devil could have come up with to try and tempt THE SON OF SON, GOD IN THE FLESH, he comes up with IF YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD COMMAND THIS STONE TO BECOME BREAD. Now think about this for a moment. The Children of Israel in the wilderness for 40 years before they Entered the promise land, Jesus in the wilderness 40 days before commencing His ministry, the consummation of which would be Christ providing the only means of salvation to the PROMISE LAND of Eternal Life. There is a sense where the promise land that God would be the Children of Israel in the old testatment that shadowed this. Now look at this, and I get this part on the temptation of Christ from John Piper’s message on it. The devil had to save sometime to Christ that in His Humaness although without sin could be plausible other wise how could it even be considered a test. After 40 days the Lord was hungry, He was really hungry, there is a sense of need at this point. Ok look at this. Of all things the devil can try to present to Jesus, he comes up with IF YOU’RE THE SON OF GOD COMMAND THIS STONE TO BE TURNED TO BREAD, right? OK, check out the exegesis here, in all 3 instances Jesus Quotes Scriptures from DEUTORONOMY 6 and 8..follow me here, In the wilderness when the children of Israel became Hungry, God made them Hungry because he was testing them, the bible says Jesus was led by the HOLY SPIRIT to the wilderness for testing. After 40 days He hungered. The test is not over right? Ok, Now there is a testing in HIS HUNGER, right? Ok, now check out this exegesis, the devil immediately comes at the right time when JESUS was hungry and is trying to tempt him. How? JESUS IS HUNGRY. He tries to tempt Jesus into Miraculously Turning a Stone into Bread to what? Satify His Hunger. Check this out. What is the plausibility behind this. The devil knew who Jesus was. In fact mentioned here the phrase SON of GOD even before Jesus began His ministry and we see later on Peter call HIM the SON OF GOD. The devil knew who Jesus was, yet what was the temptation and the plausibility behind all of this? Look at the enemy of our souls corrupt exegesis and deception in all of this. In the OT when the children of Israel became hungry after a while what happened? GOD gave them Manna. Who was the Rock in the Wilderness: Christ. Right? Ok check this out the children of Israel became hungry and God gave them manna, right? Christ gave them manna, right? Yes. They were hungry, He gave them manna. He did the miraculous then, right? Ok, now its You who are hungry, You did it then when they were hungry, do it again! I mean, He gave them manna when they became hungry right? Do it again. In other words if You turn that stone into bread, there is nothing wrong with that is there? See the deception of the enemy? He misses the exegesis on purpose by an inch making it look plausible and then goes away from the truth a thousand miles away. Did God really say don’t eat from the tree or you will die? What he really meant was…see the point…yet the lesson in the wilderness for the children of Israel was DON’T TRUST BREAD, TRUST GOD, like wise, Jesus could have turned the stone to bread, but the lesson was the same, TRUST GOD.

    In that sense # 3 of returning to OUR FIRST LOVE, DO THE DEEDS YOU DID AT FIRST. We must remember what that was like. We were so hungry for God, we didn’t trust the manna, we had our full trust IN THE LORD. It was about a deep hunger and thirst for the richness of CHRIST.


    I used John MacArthur’s Commentary, of Revelation Messages and John Piper’s Messages to help expound this message in text, God Bless. Just Sharing.

  2. Paul,

    I want to apologize for not including my name. I wanted to remain anonymous as I wanted to share what I felt in my heart to share in a general sense without looking to please others or myself as I wanted to keep that in perspective when I wrote as knowledge mixed with flesh can have the tendency to want to boast and I want to avoid such a thing. God Bless.

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