Expository Preaching 099 (pt. 4)

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Defining Expository Preaching

Part 3: Describing Expository Preaching

IV. Defending Expository Preaching

The bible does not use the term expository preaching.  Nor does it command preachers what method of preaching they are to use in their pulpit.  However, there are biblical and theological grounds for expository preaching.  Additionally, there are some very practical advantages to expository preaching.

Biblically, the argument could be made that all of the great sermons found in scripture are expository in one sense or another.  That is to say that they derive their message directly from the word of God.  Old Testament prophets received their message through direct revelation.  New Testament preachers had two forms of divine revelation: the Old Testament and the teaching of Jesus.  For today’s preacher the only way to receive a message directly from God is through the bible. This means that in order to preach like the preachers of the bible we must preach from the bible.

Theologically, expository preaching honors the doctrines of inerrancy, perspicuity, inspiration, and infallibility (Don’t hold me to everything these links say; I only provided them to introduce you to terms that may be new to you.  The important point is that all these doctrines that hold a high view of the bible.).  By its very nature the word of God should be esteemed.  Preachers should always use it as the source of their message.  Additionally, expository preaching takes into consideration the doctrine of sin.  Because man is totally depraved the only message powerful enough to save him is the message of the bible.

Practically, expository preaching is profitable for the expositor as well as his listeners.  For the preacher, it is a safeguard against preaching a message that is inconsistent with the message of the bible.  Plus, the expositor never has to worry about what he will preach next.  Preaching expositionally through a book will take care of the preaching schedule.  For the listener, it is a safeguard against hearing a message that is not consistent with the message of the bible.  As the member of a church committed to expository preaching you can be assured that you will consistently hear the word of God being taught.  Additionally, expositional preaching teaches listeners how to study the bible for themselves.  Preaching through a book of the bible encourages listeners to read and study through a book of the bible on their own.  These are just a few of the many advantages of expository preaching.

With all of this in mind, if you are looking for a church shouldn’t you be looking for a church that practices expository preaching?  And if you are preparing a sermon shouldn’t you be preparing an expository sermon?