Making a Difference in the Political Process

This week lawmakers are debating a stimulus package that would dwarf any other such legislation in our country’s history. Unfortunately this package is filled to the brim with all kinds of projects that have nothing to do with the economy. This not only bad for our economy, but there are also items in this package that are bad for the moral fabric of our country. Some of this has already been detailed in the news over the last few days, and I don’t want to simply re-hash that.  Mainly, I am just voicing my frustration and trying to figure out what I can do.

So, what can I do?  The answer is not much. However, the National Taxpayers Union has put together a “Fight the Stimulus Hoax Tool Kit” that will help you do what you can. Specifically, it has a form that wil allow you to contact your representatives in order to voice your displeasure over this stimulus package.