3 Things that Agitated Me this Morning

It is still early in the day, but so far the day has not been what I had planned.  In fact, I am quite agitated.  Really, my perturbed state of mind can be boiled down to 3 things:

First, I forgot my laptop at home this morning.  It is going to be a long day today.

Second, Jim Rice was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame this week.  For some of you that might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is ridiculous that a guy with a  .298 batting average & only 382 home runs got into the HOF.  Talk about opening up the floodgates!

Third,  I read THIS article about Tim Tebow at cbssports.com.  Here is an excerpt:

This one’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt you, and it’s going to hurt me. It might hurt Urban Meyer. About the only person I’m sure it won’t hurt is the person I’m attacking, in a nice way: Tim Tebow. He’s almost perfect. He’s definitely impervious. So this attack isn’t directed at Tim Tebow, girded as he is by a hide of horse and the love of God.

And another:

If  Tebow were a Muslim or a Mormon, and Meyer’s daughter texted him with Tebow’s chosen verse from the Koran or from the Book of Mormon, would that be “good for college football, good for young people, good for everything?” Tebow’s religion is seen as good because it is the religion of the majority. But it’s not the religion of everybody. It’s exclusionary, and just because you share Tebow’s faith, that doesn’t mean you’re right. I don’t expect you, or Meyer, or Tebow, or your pastor, to agree with me.

But you’re still dead wrong.

So forgive me, please, if I’m not ready to anoint Tebow as anything more than a great college football player. He is that. And he’s a great young man, too. I’ll anoint him that as well.

But the idolatry of Tim Tebow has crossed the line. You ask me, the whole thing is blasphemous.

From the perspective of a Christian, I clearly disagree with this article.  Despite Doyel’s attempt to make himself seem unbiased he clearly has an aversion to Christianity.  From the perspective of a sports fan, the guy is a horrible writer.  He makes points in the article and then applauds how great the point he just made was.  He even calls Urban Meyer the greatest coach in College Football History (of course this is right before he rips him to shreds over bible verses).  I am as big a UF fan as you can find, but that is just a ridiculous notions (at leat for right now). 

This Doyel guy has really got me worked up this morning…



  1. Dude, I had totally missed that article even though I frequent CBS Sportsline. Wow, what a hack.

    Obviously, we’re a little biased to Tebow’s convictions. We share them, and unapologetically, we’re going to respect Tebow for publicly affirming them, and it doesn’t help that we’re Gator fans. But the fact remains that, regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, Tebow’s overall intangible contribution to the college football climate can only be positive. Not only does he represent his school and college football with class (outside of a certain unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the BCS NC), he maintains the moral requirements of a respectable athlete while possessing a tremendous work ethic and a currently unmatched talent. The writer’s bent is obviously against the Creator Tebow serves, and not his status as a revered college football icon.

    Oh, and Jim Rice’s induction is the product of beautiful campaigning. Jim Rice played a non-premium defensive position, had mediocre rate stats (BA, OBP, SLG), and played in an extreme hitter’s park that tremendously benefited right-handed hitters. If he played in Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, or even Atlanta (Dale Murphy is a similar player from a similar era), Jim Rice wouldn’t have a prayer. But since he played in Boston, he has a huge media market from which to campaign from. And you’re right; if you let Jim Rice in, who else are you going to let in? And when we get into the 90’s era, how do you keep borderline players like Fred McGriff, Larry Walker, Jeff Kent, Frank Thomas, Gary Sheffield, etc. out when you let Jim Rice. Bad move, HoF voters.

    Who is your MLB team, by the way?

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