’08 Reading

old-books1.jpgAs I transition into the new year I am still trying to wrap some items up from 2008.  One of those items is my ’08 reading list.  I always keep a list of the book that I read so that I can go back and reference the list.  It also helps to to stay diligent in my reading, and to cover a broad range of topics.  You can see my ’08 reading list HERE. It may be a bit confusing at first glance, but there is some order to the way that it has been recorded.

Of the book on my ’08 reading list here are the top 5 book that I read in ’08:

  1. A Tale of Two Sons by John MacArthur
  2. The Cross and Salvation by Bruce Demarest
  3. The Mortification of Sin by John Owen
  4. Jonathan Edwards: A guided tour of his life and thought by Stephen J. Nichols
  5. The Gospel According to Jesus (updated edition) by John MacArthur

I am looking forward to another year of reading in 2009, and I hope to do a better job of recording and cataloguing my reading in ’09.