Do they even make those things anymore?

That is what people said about records, then 8-tracks, then tapes.  Now it is what people are starting to say about CDs.  Just today Atlantic Records reported that digital sales surpassed the sale of CDs.  Quite frankly, when I read this I wasn’t surprised in the least.  I havn’t purchased a CD in quite some time.

Just recently I got a free CD at a concert, and when I got It I realized that I was going to have upload it to my computer and then download it to my ipod.  I was, however, thankful for the CD.  Revive, one of the opening acts for Third Day, made the CD available to all the youth pastors in attendance. It is a good album, and it reminds me of Audio Adrenaline when they used to be good.  Maybe it is just b/c they gave me a free CD, but I really enjoyed the show they put on.  They even have a pretty funny video of their stop here in Brandon that you can watch HERE.  If you watch it all the way to the end you will see a shot of the crowd, and 2/3 of the way back right in the middle of the shot you can see me and my wife.