New Look

As you can see, Today I decided to go with a new look for the blog.  This may be temporary (I am going to see if I can fix some issues that I had with the last “look”), but this new look may grow on me.  For now this is a functional, clean, and useful template.  As always, I am interested in your feedback.  Like it, hate it, don’t care…

…leave a comment, or e-mail me and let me know.



  1. I think the new look is pretty cool. I personally like the old one a bit more, but this one is still very nice! By the way, I actually know who your Rookie of the Year is! Aren’t you proud? = )

  2. Tamara,

    Thanks for the input. There were a couple of things I am trying to reformat with the old format. We will see if it makes it back.

    And Yes! I am very proud the you know who the Rookie of the Year is! Before long we are going to have you watching all the games…


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