Back to Business (next week)

I apologize for taking a rain check on this week.  I am ready to get back to business around here… next week.  For today I just have a few other things on my mind. Like:

  1. Tonight I have tickets to see the Rays play the ChiSox in game two of the ALDS.  It is going to be a family event, the Shirley men are going.  Quite frankly, I am a little worried about this game.  Kazmir has been a little shaky lately.  That being said, I am pretty confident that the Rays will win this series.  If you get the chance to watch the game tonight make sure you look for us out in RF.  Also, pray for me because I am going to need my voice for teaching on Sunday and there is a good chance that I am going to scream my face off at the game.
  2. I am pretty upset about this new economic bailout plan.  Even if I thought that a bailout was what we needed this would not be the bill.  It is filled with all kinds of “pork.”   In fact, the bill that the Senate sent to the House is actually a bill about how Health Insurance Co. should treat mental patients with a 700 Billion dollar earmark attached to it (This is because all appropriations have to come from the House not the Senate, so the Senate could not just come up with a bailout bill.  They had to attach it to something else.)  If you are as unhappy about it as I am then you can go HERE and contact your representatives (FL residents only).  They have a form letter that they will send out to whoever you want. 
  3. Finally, I have to show you this video.  If you want to know whose is to blame for this whole “sub-prime” “fanny/freddie” meltdown then watch the video.