Vote ’08

I know that there are a lot of conservatives who plan on sitting out this election because there really isn’t a difference between the candidates.  Well I agree that McCain is a Democrat with an R beside his name, but he is better than the alternative.  Don’t believe me? Then watch this video (I could not watch it all the way through w/o getting sick to my stomach; as the father of a new born child I almost vomitted):

CAUTION: I am not endorsing the makers of this video.  I do not know anything about the people who made this video, but the testimony it contains is chilling.  Follow any other links or search the names in this video at your own risk. Please excercise caution searching the web. 

HT: Denny Burk



  1. Before today’s announcement of John McCain’s running mate I was not very enthused to vote in this year’s election. After seeing this video I am compelled to cast my vote!

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