Even Politics Can be Funny

Yesterday George Will, who is one of my favorite political commentators, wrote an interesting piece on the conflict between Russia and Georgia. It is a good read, but there was one particular part that I just couldn’t help but to laugh at.  Here is the quote:

But big events reveal smallness, such as that of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Richardson, auditioning to be Barack Obama’s running mate, disqualified himself. Clinging to the Obama campaign’s talking points like a drunk to a lamppost, Richardson said that this crisis proves the wisdom of Obama’s zest for diplomacy and that America should get the U.N. Security Council “to pass a strong resolution getting the Russians to show some restraint.” Apparently Richardson was ambassador to the United Nations for 19 months without noticing that Russia has a Security Council veto.

It is nice to know that we have minds like this taking action for us in the government.